About Timothy L Mayer


In my secret guise as “Z7”.

I’ve been a writer as far back as I can remember. Books were my only escape from the dull neighborhood I grew up in and took me to the edge of the universe. I dreamed of being an author as a kid and put together my own short story collections just like the ones I saw at the library. I’ve published one novel and have written countless stories for the digital fiction market. What is on this page is either taken from my other two blogs or happens to be works of fiction in progress. I’m a business owner, martial arts enthusiast, ex-scientist like Dr. Venture and a husband. Obscure cinema expert and publisher of forgotten fanzines. Ghostwriter extraordinary and novelist. Donations accepted. In the past five years, I’ve written and published four fantasy novels, four thriller novels, eighteen science fiction novels, one mystery novel, and one horror novel.


Timothymayer at Comcast dot net

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Joy DeHaven
Joy DeHaven
5 years ago

When did you get a website? Cool!

Joy DeHaven
Joy DeHaven
5 years ago

Do I get to comment all the time?

Stuart Leasor
3 years ago

Are you the Timothy L Mayer who left a great review for James Leasor’s “Host of Extras” on Amazon in 2015? If so, you may be interested to know that all the Aristo Autos and Jason Love novels are now available for both kindle and paperback… See https://www.jamesleasor.com/books/ for details.

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