FEAR OF DARKNESS, 1-1, February 1982

Years ago I was a magazine editor. Or I tried to be one. After the first issue didn’t generate much of a profit, I decided to keep in going with a smaller and smaller budget. Here is the result.

I intend to put every issue of FEAR OF DARKNESS up on this blog. Give me some time; it takes a bit to scan these things.

Here’s the first issue. In it you will find an interview with John Waters, an article on Godzilla, a look at the original I Spit On Your Grave movie, and more. These articles were all written in the Dark Days Before The Internet, when you had to do research in places known as “libraries” and send things called “letters” to request information.

I don’t think a single one of the stores advertised in this issue still exist. I know one of them closed before FOD #1 went to press.

Peace out.






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