Four Sides of the Triangle

Four Sides of the Triangle

From my latest novel:

He told her about the strange boxes they moved into the club from the back of a trailer. How they didn’t feel like beer bottles inside and how he was told to keep his mouth shut. He told her about his conversation with his sister’s husband. None of it made him feel any better.

“So why are you telling me all this?” she said to him.

“I thought you had something to do with the accounts,” he replied. “Didn’t you show up and have a talk with Bruce the manager? I thought you ought to know there might be something going on in the back room he doesn’t want anyone to know about.”

“No, I just handle payroll,” Steph responded. “I’ll keep it all in mind. The next time you see me at the club, don’t let on as if you know me. I’ll find a way to strike up a conversation. We just landed the account and I don’t want to freak them out.”

She turned and watched the clouds roll across the sky for a few minutes.” It might explain a few things,” she continued. “Dad took them on without a contract, which I’ve never seen him do before. I don’t like the way any of this feels.”


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