Finally got this novel update and with a great cover:


Here is an excerpt:

“Charge!” Shakti yelled and the warbrides ran across the connection into the corridor.

The first two warbrides, Salina and Lashmi, slammed into a disorganized wall of pirates as they hurled themselves forward.

 The pirates wore body armor, but it was of inferior quality, since they tended to obtain them from whomever they killed. Most didn’t fit that well. Likewise, they held weapons, but few of them were skilled in what they carried. Most pirates were versed in the art of quick raids. They had no experience against trained opponents.

As practiced, the warbrides pushed the pirates out of the way, back into the mob that flooded from the pirate side of the corridor and continued until they reached the back of it. The two women in front turned and began chopping at everything in their path. They turned and worked their way back the front of the gaggle of pirates.

Shakti estimated forty pirates on the other side, which was plenty for them to harvest. The corridor sprayed red as the warbrides sent blood everywhere. The pirate’s armor was no match for the weapons wielded by the warbrides and soon their disorganized mob was in full retreat back down the corridor.

Shakti saw a man in tattered suit armor run at her with a knife in one hand. He wore no helmet. She severed his head in one sweep of her sword. The body continued to fling itself forward as the head bounced off the wall.

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