THE REMAINING: FRACTURED by D.J.Molles (2013, Amazon Digital Services)


(Spoiler alert! You have been warned!)

The saga of Captain Lee Harden and Camp Ryder continues to build in The Remaining: Fractured by D. J. Molles

Having survived an assassination attempt, Capt. Lee Harden, US Army, must continue with his mission to restore civilization in the aftermath of the FURY plague outbreak. Meanwhile, Jerry, the sleazy politico, has staged a coup in Camp Ryder leaving him in control of the last outpost of human civilization in North Carolina. Another group, under the command of Sargent LaRouche, is working its way north to blow the bridges across the river and block the horde of infected from sweeping south. At the same time, the scientist Jacob is working in an abandoned hospital with some of the camp Ryder turncoats to try and find out if the infected have evolved to the stage of self reproduction. In the background, The Followers, religious fanatics who loot and rape, are always ready to strike.

There’s not a lot of new surprises in this episode. We mostly follow around the groups of survivors. Tension is established early on when several of the inhabitants loyal to Captain Harden plot to retake Camp Ryder from Jerry the Psychopath. As always, things have a way of spiraling out of control. Author Molles isn’t afraid to resurrect some of the villains from the earlier books when they’re needed.

Like the other novels in the series, The Remaining: Fragmented, is plot driven. The author has lessened his dependence on firearm specifics, but the reader does get a detailed account of battlefield wounds. If you accustomed to minor characters making a come back from an injury be prepared for a disappointment. Ditto if you are accustomed to major characters working out their problems for the mutual success of the The Mission.

As always, Molles can be introspective:

“Almost every problem a human being encounters through their life has a remedy. Perhaps that remedy is unpleasant, or perhaps it is difficult. Maybe that problem is not remedied simply because that person sees the remedy as worse than the problem. But there is always the hope. Always the possibility. Always a chance, however slight, to make things right.”

This episode doesn’t end with the cliff-hanger as the previous one. But there are still many unanswered questions. Many factions which are headed toward a collision. I expect will be seeing Remaining chapters in years to come.

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