My latest novel went live today. You can order a copy of it from Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“I don’t need blood flowing in the streets,” the marshal yelled at him. “I have enough trouble with some lunatic killing people at random. Piss off those cowboys and this town will burn to the ground.

“You sound like the men I left behind. They were quick to claim privileges as well.”

“So, I did recognize you,” Juan spoke up at last. He’d been quite most of the evening, after the incident at the saloon. “You were one of those who supported Little Beans, then ran afoul of him.”

“He is a fool,” Eduardo spoke. “Juárez thinks that he can control with a pen all those men who came out to fight for him. He wanted us to go back to the fields and mines. I told him that day would never come.”

“And you were declared an outlaw,” Juan spoke.

“For now,” Eduardo returned. “He will see the truth someday.”

“If one of those bounty hunters doesn’t reach you first.”

“Such a caballero?” Eduardo tossed at him in a raised voice. “Not only did you fight to maintain the old order, you abandoned your men to die!”

“That’s a lie!” Juan spoke as he began to rise from the chair where he sat.

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