None Dare Call It Aliens: HE WILL LIVE UP IN THE SKY by Christopher Loring Knowles

I first encountered the author of this book, Chris Knowles, in a podcast interview. He’s had a rich and interesting career as a blogger, writer, and comic book historian. The novel was described as a conspiracy thriller. Intrigued, I decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I did. 

He Will Live Up in the Sky is a first-rate horror thriller that involves government conspiracies, missing rock stars, remote viewing, mind control, UFO’s, mercenaries, and more. It doesn’t have a lot in the exposition department, but you learn all you need for the plot as it unfolds. There’re car chases, shoot-outs, stakeouts, sexy seductresses and tough women who kick butt. And a mysterious nun. 

It’s set in the early nineties, when the Internet was still on the horizon and cell phones a new phenomenon. People use maps and look for phone booths, if they need to make a call. There’s even references to the popular music of the time, as this does play a key role in the plot. 

An up and coming rock musician disappears during a flash of light at a concert in a mafia-controlled club. The only clue to what happened is a former mental patient with staples in his head. Some people think he’s disappeared on purpose. Another eyewitness claims he spotted a UFO floating over the music club. 

Darja Linquist, ex-US Navy, takes a job with a strange company known as Bifrost Initiative. She’s paired up with a guy called Porter. Of course, their first job is to locate the missing rock star. They meet in a small office building in the New England area. There are several other members of the team, including a gay techie who finds ways around security networks.  

And, of course, the first assignment is to find out what happened to the missing rock star. 

Part X-Files, part Matrix, part Twilight Zone, the novel never lets the suspense falter. The author is a genius at bringing in new and interesting characters to keep the plot in motion. He never tells a lot about them, but there’s enough information to maintain the reader’s interest. 

A fun book and I’m looking forward to the next one. 

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