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Hedgemaze Tools of the Trade

I find a few basic garden and carpentry tools are useful in hedge maze maintenance. These are the loppers, grass clippers, hedge cutters, hand saw, and shovel. Gloves and a good hat are necessary. Add to these long pants…

Enter The Maze

The maze concept fascinated me since I can first remember. Likewise, the labyrinth too, it’s the same idea. This was the place where Theseus, in the Greek myth, entered to rescue Princess Ariadne from the Minotaur. It was where Jennifer Connley ran from the Goblin King, played by David Bowie….

My Hedge Maze Movie

  Many people do not know it, but my hedge maze was once used to shoot an impressive music video. The video helped to launch the singing career of a prominent V-logger. Although I wouldn’t recommend…