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FALLING ANGEL by William Hjortsberg

#5 Falling Angel. This Chandleresque private eye novel may well be the finest American horror novel of this century.

– Karl Edward Wagner, 13 Best Supernatural Horror Novels (Twilight Zone magazine 1983)

The REMAINING by D. J. Molles

 THE REMAINING by D. J. Molles (2012, Amazon Digital Services) The Remaining by D. J. Molles is a digital publishing sensation. It has more than 900 reviews on Amazon and is being filmed as a…


“#2 Final Blackout. Another future history detailing the destruction of civilization through global war, also written on the eve of World War II, also bleakly antiwar”

– Karl Edward Wagner, 13 Best Science Fiction Horror Novels (Twilight Zone Magazine 1983)


“#13: The Subjugated Beast. Ryan could be extremely sadistic when the mood was on her, and the mood was usually on her, and it certainly was here. Ryan could combine psychological cruelty with Grand Guignol horror better than any writer going, except perhaps Charles Birkin, and she had a knack for putting her characters into situations that would have given Hitchcock qualms. This would have made a great Hitchcock film, although the British probably had laws against such things.”

-Karl Edward Wagner, “13 Best Non-Supernatural Horror Novels” (Twilight Zone Magazine,   June 1983)


The name of Arthur Zagat has largely been forgotten, but this will be corrected with the publication of Summer Camp for Corpses. A very prominent fiction writer in the Depression era, he’s not remembered except by the most dedicated pulp fans. He died at the early age of 53 in 1949, right when his career was at its peak. Among his many creations was the spy hunter Red Finger, who dispatched his targets wearing a glove with one red finger.

Baxter: A Novel of Inhuman Evil

 BAXTER. Novel by Jessica Hamilton (1977). Movie Version by Jérôme Boivin (1989). When the movie version of Baxter came out in 1989, it went directly to the art houses. Years later the video version was…

MONSTER by Dave Zeltserman

MONSTER: A Novel of Frankenstein by Dave Zeltserman (2012, Overlook)   Dave Zeltserman, author of the popular “Julius and Archie” mystery stories has unleashed his take on the Frankenstein genre. The entire book is told…

THE WOMAN by Jack Ketchum

THE WOMAN by Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee (2011, Macabre Ink Digital)   The final entry into Jack Ketchum’s Dead River trilogy, The Woman, was published recently. Since the movie version emerged at the same time,…

THE OFFSPRING by Jack Ketchum

THE OFFSPRING by Jack Ketchum (2005, Overlook Connection Press)     Taking up 11 years after the events of Off-Season, The Offspring continues the rampage of the feral cannibal clan. The clan is now led…