Category: Horror Novels

THE BONE QUEEN by Andrea Judy

The Bone Queen by Andrea Judy (2013, ProSe) The Bone Queen is the first novel by Andrea Judy. It follows the adventures of a female sword-swinger as she chops her way across ancient France. Set…

FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelly (1818)

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly “#12 ‘Frankenstein’. A tale of a modern Prometheus. If the countless film adaptations of this have kept you from reading the novel, that’s your mistake.” -Karl Edward Wagner, “The Thirteen Best…

THE CAGE by Brian Keene

The Cage is a collection of 4 horror tales by writer Brian Keene. It’s not too long and can be read in one sitting. The first tale, for which the book anthology is named, is the longest. The final story is very brief and, as the author mentions, can fit on a t-shirt.


I had to read Cavern of the Blood Zombies by Xu Lei after finishing Search for the Buried Bomber. The sequel to Bomber hadn’t been translated and I was thirsting for more books by this author. Luckily, Things Asian Press has managed to put two other of his books into print.