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SHEENA: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THE JUNGLE QUEEN By James Buck and Joe Musgrave (2012, Altus Press) I’m a big fan of Sheena. As stated before, I love the idea of a jungle girl. I…


 FLUKE by James Herbert (1977, New English Library)     James Herbert, who passed this year, was better known in the UK than the US. He started out as a horror novelist with The Rats…

THE CHOSEN by Alex Archer

The Chosen is a definite improvement in the adventures of Anja Creed, she who bears the sword of St. Joan Of Arc. We still don’t know a lot about her origins, other than she was raised in a Catholic orphanage in New Orleans. Roux and Garin have little to do with the action, but they remain tangential to the story. But the novel builds to an ending which makes me wonder if the producers of Cabin in the Woods read this book while their movie was in pre-production.