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 QUATERMASS AND THE PIT by Nigel Kneale (1960,Penguin Books)     “#5: Quatermass and The Pit. The third Quatermass teleplay, in which an ancient Martian spaceship is unearthed during expansion of a London tube station….


 QUATERMASS II by NIgel Kneale (1960, Penguin Books)   This is the second screenplay publication of the Quatermass series, first broadcast in 1955 as a 6 part BBC series. It was later adapted for film…


  THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT By Nigel Kneale (1959, Penguin Books)   “#4: The Quatermass Experiment. A BBC teleplay concerning the terrifying results of the first manned space flight. The first of four Quatermass television serials. The film…

Rogue Angel #2: SOLOMON’S JAR

 Rogue Angel #2: SOLOMON’S JAR by Alex Archer (2006, Gold Eagle)     The Rogue Angel series continues with Solomon’s Jar. In this episode, It begins with Annja Creed outrunning mercenaries in South America. The…

Rogue Angel #1: DESTINY

With all the “new pulp” talk these days, it’s time to start looking at some contemporary novel series. The 70’s and 80’s were good for the men’s action adventure books, this millennia, not so good. I keep expecting kindle and e-book publishing to solve that little problem, but in the meantime, Let’s see what else is out there.

AN EASY THING By Paco Ignacio Tabio (2002, Poisoned Pen Press)

An Easy Thing is the first book I’ve read by Mexican P.I. novelist Paco Tabio. Tabio’s investigator is Hector Belascororan Shayne, a former engineer and resident of Mexico’s capital city. He shares an office with a sewage expert, a plumber, and a chronically unemployed upholsterer.